World of Targets® Double Mag Target

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Key Features

  • 3./8 Inch Thick Paddles
  • 3 Inch Paddle and 4.25 Inch Paddle
  • Easy Set Up
  • Durable, solid steel construction
  • Pushes into the ground easily with built-in foot rest
  • Shooting you can see and hear
  • Centerfire Handguns up to .44 Magnum (no Rimfires)


The Double Mag target is popular, two-disc spinning targets for the “big bore” pistol shooters. Double Mag has a 3 Inch paddle and a 4.25 Inch lower target paddle for a challenging shooting action.


World of Targets Specifications: Each target is a solid 3/16" thick (3/8" on the magnums) hung from a durable, welded steel frame to provide years of trouble-free practice. All targets include high visibility Target Spots® Targets. Portable and easy-to-use spinning targets mean no more knocked down targets to set-up. A foot rest makes it easy to push targe