Muzzle Magic™No. 77 Cleaner, 16 fl. oz. Bottle

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  • Prevent rust and fouling from blackpowder muzzleloaders
  • Flip top for no spill cleaning
  • Dissolves powder reside fast
  • Water-based solvent


Prevent rust and loss of accuracy from blackpowder fouling by cleaning your muzzleloader with No. 77 – the traditional, water-soluble cleaner. Safe for use with natural lubricants. Effectively dissolves powder residue and loosens any metal traces for easy removal. After cleaning your muzzleloader, apply Barricade® Rust Protection to all metal parts to protect from rust. Flip-top for no-spill cleaning.

33745 - Muzzle Magic™ No. 77 Cleaner, 16 fl. oz. Bottle