Krest™ 24 Muffs & Vektor™ Eye & Ear Combo Kit

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Key Features

  • Inludes set of foam ear plugs
  • Glasses feature soft, rubberized temples and non-slip nose piece
  • Krest™ 24 Passive Muff low profile design, and padded ear cups
  • 1 - Krest™ 24 Muffs
  • 1 - Vektor™ Shooting Glasses

Vektor™ Shooting glasses feature a free floating, monolithic lens design, non-binding temples and comfort. These glasses are paired with our Krest™ 24 Muffs. Our lowest profile muff that still offers all the benefits of a full size set of range muffs. A set of foam plugs are also included for maximum hearing protection.

* NRR 34dB rating protection when wearing foam plugs with muff.

43425 -  Krest™ 24 Muffs & Vektor™ Eye & Ear Combo Kit