Gun Cleaning And Care Guide

Gun Care Guide



There’s a lot more to firearm safety than knowing your target and keeping your muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Gun safety begins before you chamber a round and even before you step foot in the field or range. It begins with equipment that is properly maintained and cared for. Gun safety begins with a clean gun.

A clean firearm is a safe firearm. A dirty, fouled action can cause jams, ejection problems, misfeeds and even misfires. Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual before taking apart your firearm. Use the proper cleaning solutions for best results. Heavy oils can gum up parts and cause jamming and ejection problems. Especially in cold weather, and general use, lubricants can cause unforeseen complications. All Birchwood Casey products are specially formulated for use with firearms and the environments they are used in.

The experts at Birchwood Casey recommend an easy-touse 1-2-3 cleaning process to ensure that your gun will perform like it should, look great and retain its value for a long time.

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Step 1

Bore Scrubber Bore Cleaner

The first step in the process is breaking down the materials that accumulate in your gun every time you fire it. Lead, copper, plastic, carbon, and powder can ruin your barrels and affect accuracy. When these materials are blasted through the barrel, a tough-toclean residue is left behind.

Many gun cleaning products on the market address only part of the problem: one solvent removes copper, but another is needed to remove nitro fouling. Birchwood Casey BORE SCRUBBER 2-in-1 Bore Cleaner does both jobs quickly, effectively and safely without any highly toxic ingredients. It’s great for softening hardened residue in the receiver and trigger action assembly, it also contains a superior rustproofing agent for added production. Tough to reach springs can be removed and soaked. Tricky spots may require the use of a brush or cotton swab.

Bore Scrubber Directions:

1 Place a clean, dry patch on tip end of cleaning rod and pushthrough bore to remove loose fouling.

2 Soak patch with solvent and “wash” the bore to saturate fouling. Repeat with another wet patch and allow to soak for a few minutes. Never cork or plug the barrel.

3 Wet bore brush with solvent and scrub inside of barrel. Push the brush completely through each way.

4 Continue to clean with dry patches until they come out clean.

Tech Tip:

Soaking choke tubes and other hard to clean parts in Bore Scrubber 2-in-1 Bore Cleaner is a great way to use less elbow grease in cleaning these components

Step 2

Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaner

The second step is essentially stripping your gun of all foreign oil, residue and film. Use Birchwood Casey GUN SCRUBBER Cleaner to remove any grit and residue broken down by the Bore Cleaner. GUN SCRUBBER Cleaner is a jet-action, high-pressure solvent that needs no rinsing. It dries rapidly and leaves firearm metal perfectly clean and free of any film or grease. Use GUN SCRUBBER Cleaner to flush the bore action and trigger assembly, clean the receiver, the bolt of a bolt-action rifle, or the barrel threads and screw-out tubes of a shotgun with removable chokes.

At this point, your gun is completely clean and free of oil and residue. It is now ready for a rust preventative.

Gun Scrubber Directions:

1 Firearm can be disassembled into major components, if desired before starting.

2 Insert extension tube into spray nozzle and spray liberally but in short blasts for best results. Watch out for splash back in eyes. Use aerosol in an upright position to maximize performance. A brush is handy to assist in cleaning stubborn areas.

3 Be certain to direct flexible extension tube into hard-to-reach places and other unseen areas. Use nozzle without extension tube if desired for maximum flushing abilities to broad open assemblies.

Tech Tip:

CAUTION: May harm some plastics, painted surfaces, synthetic stocks, camouflage finishes and wood finishes. Do not allow product to pool on, in or under firearm, or components to reduce the possibility of damage. Test an area before using.

Step 3

Barricade Rust Protection for Firearms

By completing steps one and two, you have effectively removed all traces of oil and lubricants necessary to ensure smooth working actions and provide protection from the elements.

Protect and lubricate your firearm with Birchwood Casey BARRICADE Rust Protection, which unlike some other penetrant/ lubricant products, is specially formulated for use on firearms. Use sparingly in the action and trigger assembly. BARRICADE Rust Protection drives out moisture from metal pores and deposits a transparent coating that protects against corrosive moisture and fingerprints – common causes of rust on firearms. Because BARRICADE Rust Protection is a superior penetrant, there is no need to leave it “wet” on the metal; a light coating provides complete protection.

Barricade Directions:

1 Wipe off exposed metal surface with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oil before applying BARRICADE Rust Protection.

2 Spray directly on metal parts holding can about six inches away from metal. Use extender tube for hard-to-reach areas.

3 Wipe up any excess BARRICADE Rust Protection with soft, clean cloth.

Tech Tip:

BARRICADE Rust Protection for Firearms can be used to remove light surface rust. Spray on extra and polish with fine steel wool. Remove the rust without damaging the blued surface.

Recommended Products
1-2-3 Aerosol Value Pack

Gun cleaning made simple. 3 easy steps to clean your firearm: dissolve, clean and protect. The 1-2-3 aerosol value pack includes 10 oz aerosol cans of Bore Scrubber®, Gun Scrubber®, and Barricade®.

Synthetic Gun Oil

Reduces the friction between mating surfaces. Will not gum up or lose its viscosity under extreme temperature variations from -55°F to 300°F. The natural solvency of SYNTHETIC Gun Oil cleans as it oils while its low evaporation rate assures protection against rust.

Lead Remover and Polishing Cloth

Quickly removes leading, burn rings, carbon residue including copper and plastic fouling, rust and tarnish. Brings back original luster of stainless steel and most metal surfaces.

No. 77 Muzzle MagicTM Cleaner

Prevent rust and loss of accuracy from blackpowder fouling by cleaning your muzzleloader with No. 77 – the traditional, water- soluble cleaner. Effectively dissolves powder residue and loosens any metal traces for easy removal.

RIG® #2 Oil Lubricant

RIG #2 is a specialty gun oil formulated for lubrication and rust prevention. Excellent for use on all firearm metal surfaces to displace moisture, prevent rust and lubricate moving parts. RIG #2 will not harm painted surfaces, plastics, rubbers or plated surfaces found on modern firearms. Will not gum up or attract dirt.

Gun & Reel Silicone Cloth

A soft cloth permeated with silicone, perfect for cleaning and protecting wooden gun stocks. Safely removes dust and corrosive ngerprints and leaves a lustrous, lasting protective lm on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces. A great post- clean ritual.

Moly LubeTM Dry Film Firearm Lubricant

Designed to lubricate and penetrate, forming a smooth, extremely slippery surface on metal. Molybdenum disulfide particles are deposited onto metal surfaces and give maximum lubricity and wear resistance, even under extreme temperatures and pressures.

RIG® UniversalTM Gun Grease

A thin lm of RIG Universal Gun Grease will help keep your firearms rust-free. One thorough application of RIG Universal Gun Grease inside and out will protect your rifle, handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader against rust and corrosion. RIG is the ideal choice of rust protection for long-term storage.

Choke Tube Lube

Prevents stuck choke tubes cause by corrosion, high stress of steel shot loads, extreme temperatures and pressure from repeated shooting. This superior anti-seize lubricant guarantees ease in choke tube insertion and remove for all regular and stainless steel tubes.

Tech Tip:

Choke Tube Lube works great for use in mounting the small screws for scope rings and bases for secure tightening that won’t rattle loose. Yet ensures easy removal when the time comes. Excellent for use on muzzle loaders and breech plugs to prevent seizing.