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Ground Strike™ 8" Plate Target

Key Features

  • Rated for all calibers and firearms.
  • Long-last technology and handles hundreds of rounds.
  • High visibility and great for beginners.
  • Ideal backstop for use with the Birchwood Casey Adhesive Targets.

48025 - Ground Strike 8" Plate Combo, 1 target & 12 - Shoot•N•C 6" targets - $29.60

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These durable targets withstand hundreds of rounds while maintaining their shape. The 8" plate is an ideal backstop for use with the 8" Shoot•N•C® Bull’s-eye Targets or other Birchwood Casey Adhesive Targets. Use any caliber from .22 up, at a distance greater than 30 yards. Hanging targets are not intend to act as spinning targets. Not for use with BBs, pellets, or air soft guns. Challenge yourself and have fun.

48025 - 8" Plate Target Combo, 1 Target & 12 - Shoot•N•C® 6" Targets


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