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Heavy-duty corrugated realistic Whitetail Deer target. 27" x 18" size target.


.22 Rimfire rifles and .22 handgun target. Every target hit shows an intense rotating...


Nothing takes a wallop like the Mule Kick™ AR500 steel target. Heavy-duty foot print...

Ground Strike
Ground Strike

Ground Strike™ Targets break new
ground in skill improvement and
shooting fun. These durable
targets withstand hundreds of
rounds while maintaining
their shape.

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The team at Birchwood Casey have everything we need as a company to assist us in our training needs with our clients.  From targets to maintenance products, it is a one stop source for us.  In turn, our clients also look for Birchwood Casey products at retailers for their own needs as we have recommended them and see us using them at the range. We endorse only the best.  Thank you Birchwood Casey  and your entire staff!

Karl, Allied Tactical Defense, LLC USA